I am an expert in helping people to work better together to achieve a real and lasting impact on workplace performance.

When individuals understand themselves and how they work with others, they are better placed to build trust, collaborate, improve communication and to lead and manage others effectively.

This helps to create a learning culture in which the dialogue at work becomes more collaborative and constructive, with individuals supporting each other to seek solutions. Collectively developing a positive work environment with a clear sense of direction and agreed priorities.

I work closely with you and your organisation to achieve your desired outcomes. The input is cost effective as it targets your specific needs and provides just what is needed.
Through productive dialogue your organisation will identify and implement your own solutions.

I offer services in Facilitation, Executive Coaching, Mentoring, Mediation, and Interactive Training for:

I have almost 20 years’ experience and use a wide variety of creative and innovative techniques.

This enables me to be sensitive to your work environment and organisational culture thus ensuring that we can work together successfully.

I have a proven track record of inspiring positive change, with recommendations from the public, private and voluntary sectors both nationally and internationally.

Call or email me for an initial conversation where we can explore how we can work together.

I am proud to be invited to be a delegate in the 2019 CSCLeaders Global Leadership Programme for exceptional senior leaders selected each year from governments, businesses and NGOs across the 53 countries of the Commonwealth.  http://www.cscleaders.org/home