Here are a few examples of the concrete and lasting benefits Janice can bring to your organisation.


Janice works with the organisation or team to analyse and identify the key issues they need to address. Through carefully crafted and facilitated workshops she builds the skills of the leaders and the participants to confidently address issues and move forward.

Example: She delivered a transformation program for a new senior leadership team to create a culture to take the organisation to a new stage of development. This involved creating a non-threatening environment that improved openness and the confidence to have honest conversations and developing people and talent to implement the transformation program.

“We could not have achieved what we have, in terms of making decisions and finding solutions without the openness this program has given us”

FE College Principal

Executive Coaching

Janice understands the high expectations and pressures that senior leaders and executives face and the need for a highly confidential and non-judgemental space for reflection, development and growth. She builds on the individuals’ strengths, working style and previous learning and knowledge, while carefully dovetailing with current professional development and learning. She is insightful and is dedicated to individuals gaining perspectives and understanding that unlock their potential. Her clients report increased confidence, resilience and fulfilment. This results in higher motivation, productivity and gravitas as a leader and manager. Example:

Janice worked with an individual who had been promoted to Head of UK Operations. The individual was ready for the new challenge but found it hard to let go of aspects of their old role and to delegate and lead effectively. They needed to build cohesion across the team and to motivate and drive the team forward, while building the respect and confidence of the Board.

“Working with Janice has had a huge impact on me personally and on my company. I am able to read situations quickly and address team issues before they become a problem. I am definitely more effective at getting my point across with the Board and being more objective when things get tough.”

Head of UK Operations,
Global Automation Technology Company


Janice develops mentoring programs within organisations and across professional associations, in addition to one to one mentoring. She ensures that the mentoring is tailored to the organisation’s and individual’s needs while building the capabilities of both the mentor and the mentee. Example:

A national professional body want to strengthen their offer to members by delivering a mentoring program that builds the competence of their members. Janice devised a mentoring program that builds the specific skills, knowledge and personal characteristics of both the mentors and mentees in relation to the professional body’s competencies. This bespoke program was carefully embedded within each individual’s professional development, resulting in increased commitment and impact on their professional practice.

“Great work! I fully support linking the mentoring with our competencies. This will ensure that the participants in the program see that it is complementary to and integrated with their day job and so increase commitment and impact. All looks fantastic and I like it.”

Head of Professional Development


Wherever people work together, conflict is likely to arise, and it presents a challenge to which individuals and management and leadership need to respond quickly and constructively. Janice is able to work with individuals, teams and managers to ensure that they work through conflict constructively. She has the skills to intervene, using formal mediation techniques and skilful team development techniques that enable open conversation leading to the individuals and teams providing a positive outcome. These processes are not a short term fix; they build understanding and address conflict with sustainable solutions.

“There is a sense of integrity and trust with Janice. There is always an immediate impact. She also shares tools and techniques that have longevity and can be used on a daily basis. I can now predict when tensions are going to arise or difficult conversations are to be had. She is a wonderful mediator!”


Interactive Training

Janice has over twenty years’ experience of devising and delivering interactive training programs that are carefully tailored to the learner’s needs using interactive training methods to fully engage and motivate them. She ensures that the organisations that commission her are really clear on the impact they want the learning to have. This involves defining the skills, knowledge and attitudes the learners need to apply the learning back in the work place. Design and delivery is personalised, accessible and engaging, responding to specific business challenges and has an immediate and long term impact.. Example:

“Janice met the staff team to understand their current challenges. She observed them in their roles and so conducted a careful Learning Needs Analysis. Through this she knew exactly what we needed and created a training program that was fun and all the staff team were committed and keen to complete the training and apply their learning back in the work place. To ensure their commitment and follow through Janice devised work groups to offer peer support to consolidate new ways of working and ensure that new habits were formed. We have continued with this approach which has really had a long term impact”