Case Studies

Bespoke Leadership Programme for MHI Vestas Isle of Wight Senior Management Team

Work Based Support and Mentoring

Janice devised and delivered a six month Mentoring Program for a wide range of businesses to improve communication and support for apprentices and front line staff. Bringing together senior managers and manager/supervisors from different sectors gave the opportunity to learn from each other about supporting staff and improving communication. This bespoke package of participatory training and Action Learning Sets met participants’ needs by responding to the specific issues that they faced in the work place. The participants really enjoyed the programme and the biggest impact for the companies has been where they have embedded the mentoring approaches and improved communications within their overall work force development. This six month programme takes both senior managers and manager/mentors on a journey which builds their confidence to implement the step changes that are key to improved communication and improved productivity.

EVOLVE Tresham – Mentoring training :long term impact

Managing Director Perspective -Mentoring training: impact across the organisation

 Factory Manager – Mentoring Training: complementing  LEAN programme

EBC Brakes – Mentoring Programme

Adaptive IT – Mentoring Programme