Leadership, Management and Talent

Creating and embedding core leadership values is essential to lead teams and organisations through change. Creating a culture of leadership means developing the leaders at the top of the organisation and leadership qualities in people at all levels.

Managers are often the key to success for an organisation and they have the challenge of managing both up to more senior managers and down to their own team. So strengthening the capabilities of managers to build positive working relationships with senior management and their own staff and colleagues is essential to get the job done.

Ensuring that talent is nurtured and cherished by the organisation is an investment in current staff and in the future of the organisation. It is critical that individuals stepping up into management and leadership roles get appropriate support and feedback.

Dialogue will:
  • build trust to establish and maintain positive working relationshipsaddress conflict constructively and find solutions
  • develop and support integration into new teams and new cultures
  • adjust behaviours and create new positive habits

High Performing Teams

Within organisations there are many types of team from the senior management team to project teams and work teams. But there is a clear difference between a group of people called a team and one that is truly high performing. It is not just a matter of bringing together the right talent and skills aligned to the team’s purpose and goal. They need to connect and learn from each other, build trust and collaborate to surmount barriers and to have commitment to the team’s success, above personal success. This requires developing a culture to bring out the best in each other, creating energy and a can-do attitude, along with the interpersonal skills to resolve conflict effectively.

Dialogue that builds:
  • clarity of roles and effective communication
  • high performance across teams
  • talent, ensuring growth and giving the confidence to excel